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In ancient times, the Egyptians believed that wearing Gemstone Jewellery or even possessing them had many health benefits inbuilt in them. But today, we find people wear Gemstone Jewellery just for the sake of looking smart and amazing. At the same time there are many people who still believe that these Gemstones can bring an array of health benefits like peace, harmony, love and safety in their lives. Therefore, they wear these stones on certain areas of their body.

Let us take a glance at the health benefits from 3 kinds of gemstone jewellery.

Rose Quartz

This stone of Rose Quartz heals severe heart attacks and also well known for giving positive energy  to calm an agitated person. A popular gemstone, the pink-hued rose quartz is said to help heal heartaches.


Garnet stone helps in in keeping you healthy and fit always, moreover wearing it also boost your confidence and energies you. 

One of the best gemstone brings soothing effect and helps you keep healthy and courageous always. Also, wearing it will help you show your creativity.

Monday, 16 May 2016

If balanced in proportion they keep the body healthy through the sun rays. The same elements are found in the Gemstone which are as follows:

There is the fire element in Ruby and Coral; the water element in Pearl and Diamond; the earth element in Emerald; the other element in Yellow Sapphire and the space element in Blue Sapphire.

These mysterious and colored Gemstone, have great influencing and calming effect on human life. On the basis of purity and hardness, they have been performing great deeds by lessening the malefic effects of planets over the human life and they bring harmony in the good and bad effects of planets.

Yoga Meditation Chakra 

Chakra New Age Healing Set

Each and every gem is extremely radioactive and has the capacity to attract the special cosmic rays towards it. Planetary tremors influence our sensitive sinews or veins. Our classics (mythology) tell us that the position of planets in the solar and lunar systems at the time of child's birth influence every child throughout life. Sometimes the weak influence of planets and stars create imbalance in life. The wearing of gems after proper astrological consideration of one's horoscope can save mental imbalance, physical suffering and financial obstacles. In this way gems serve as our armor and body guard.

IN human body the Sun represents the soul, the moon mind, the Mars perseverance, the Mercury voice, the Jupiter Wisdom (learning), the Venus Love, the Saturn sobriety, thoughtfulness. These planets influence human life and body continuously. In addition to these planets there are two shadow planets (Rahu and Ketu) whose effect is also seen in life.

Friday, 18 December 2015

Gemstone Pendants for Jewellery

We as a whole our enamored with having new gems and willing to wear them. On getting any sort of new adornments or new gem you need a devotion to deal with it. Today, we will find out about how to deal with your Gemstone Jewellery.

Friday, 11 December 2015

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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Gemstone Export is being known for providing the best Gemstones and has been fulfilling demands of hundreds of clients ever since its inception. The necklace is probably the most widely searched keywords  in ornament industry. The demand for Gemstone necklace is also huge. Not more people can afford gold and diamond and hence they switch over to the gemstone necklace that is becoming more and more popular these days.  Agate is one of the very popular gemstone that has become quite popular due to its decorative features that make them one of the most awesome stone for various decorative items. Various gemstone Necklace Wholesale products are becoming quite popular these days and you can find all of them at Gemstone Export, the leading gemstone necklace wholesale provider out here. Gemstone Necklace can be customized in various shapes according to the requirements. Gemstone Export caters all designs that you can think of.

Gemstone Export provides all popular designs and all gemstones like Agate and all its varieties. Gemstone Necklace happens to be one of the most popular Gemstone necklace supplier that provides all popular forms at best market price.

The specialty of agate has been found to be quite handy for necklace designs and it can be carved into various shapes according to requirements. Various other facilities related to the necklace designs are:
  • Polishing
  • Coloring
  • Shaping
  • All other forms of customization
All this you get at wholesale prices and various necklace related services are being provided at reasonable rates. The added advantage you get through gemstone necklace is low price as compared to gold and diamond. Even the complex designs are being covered and none of the time you are going to find yourself disheartened. Various polishing features, coloring, shaping and all forms of customization has become the specialty of Gemstone export and they are the leaders in gemstone industry. Jewelries made out of gemstones have been known for their look as well as magical effect as they serve various astrological requirements. At times you might be suggested by astrologers to wear these gemstone necklaces wholesale products. They have turned out to be one of the most reliable units out here with an awesome list of products covering all already been mentioned above.

If you happen to be an admirer of ornaments and especially necklaces then you need to visit GemExport once. Its one of the most awesome place to find all popular designs both old and latest that have become quite popular these days. You will seldom find any dent in the product being provided by GemExport. You get all that is being expected from a gemstone shop and that too at much affordable price and also at best market price.

You have all features to decide on your own and each design can be crafted according to your requirements through various ranges of customization services. You get all popular designs and that too in all gemstone varieties. Come, visit today the shop and get the best necklace from this one of the best gemstone necklace exporter.


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